Friday, August 27, 2010

Late nights and what I want to do in them

Well, I am unemployed, newly married (almost a year to Tim) and looking for ways to get a job and get back into my cooking as a regular thing. Anyone else out there in the same boat? I have heard of people that are taking their awake at night times and cooking in them. Coming from a mother that would redecorate the house as we slept, I am thinking that might be a great idea!

Tim and I won't be having kids, but we have lots of nieces and nephews in NY and MI who we rarely see. I want to pass along the family cooking traditions, as well as my personal food obsession, on to them. My husbands mother was a really big cook, and we have her old recipes in books and card files waiting to be explored. My tastes run more towards fine food, Tim's mom's cooking ran more towards Americana cooking. I'd like this blog to come down somewhere in between. I don't expect it to be well read, but it would be great to have people come up and comment, and perhaps share their food memories, and their special techniques or recipes.

SO! Lets start with something simple, but so delicious, and redolent with childhood memories!

When I was a small child, and was sick, my mom, who was born and raised in Ireland, used to make me what we called "egg in a cup". I was the only one of her 4 children that would eat eggs, or anything out of the ordinary for that matter, so I loved the little tea mug full of soft cooked egg and buttered toast. Actually, some of my fondest memories were my Mom and I watching Upstairs Downstairs on "Masterpiece Theater" and eating pickled beets out of a jar. I was a foodie even as a kid! So - here we go with my childhood cup of love!

1 soft cooked egg (not poached, but that might work as well as long as the yolk is runny)
1 slice of white toast, buttered well and cut into batons
salt and pepper to taste

Place the buttered toast in a large tea or coffee mug that you have warmed with some hot water and dried thoroughly. Scoop the soft cooked egg into the mug and mash it together with the toast batons. Do this fairly quickly, since you want to retain the heat, but also to capture the runny yolks before they congeal and cool.

Add salt (essential for eggs) and pepper to your taste.

Serve to your sickly loved one, along with another mug of hot sugary tea!

More in a day or two... when I have the time. Perhaps next time, cooking with something other than white flour!


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